Aligning research,
strategy and people
for improved performance


“The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious” – Marcus Aurelius


Aligning research,
strategy and people
for improved performance


“The secret of all victory lies in the organization of the non-obvious”
– Marcus Aurelius.


Sometimes adversity can be a blessing in disguise

In Stepping Out the Other Side, Peter describes his journey from illness to health with honesty and passion.

His vision is that his story will inspire others to seek help immediately if they are suffering.

Asking for help is not a weakness. It is the most courageous thing you can do.



Aurelius offers advisory services based on extensive knowledge acquired from executing a range of successful project, business and people strategies.

Aurelius provides the opportunity to leverage proven big company thinking and experience; delivered within a boutique model focussed on maximising value.

Peter Bell



Vision & Values

Vision & Values

Add maximum value to businesses and people below the surface; so that they can shine above it

The Aurelius vision can only be achieved through congruence between behaviour and the following values:

Family First
Our advice to others will also prioritise family; we must practice what we preach

Relationships over Transactions
Transactions may have material value; but without relationships they have zero value

Sustainability alongside Purpose
A sustainable business can enable a purpose; but equally a purpose can enable a sustainable business

Great insights, ideas and learning can come from anyone; ego is often best put aside

Our view of the world is not “the” view of the world; emotional intelligence is business critical

Enjoy the Journey
Have some fun along the way; no matter what may come our way



Research Solutions

Strategy Solutions

People Solutions

“No research without action, no action without research” – Kurt Lewin

Aurelius provides evidence-based, actionable insights to ensure all strategy decisions are grounded in strong foundations

Market trend identification

Competitor analysis

Risk and opportunity identification

Demographic assessments

Customer profiling and segmentation

“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion” –  Lee Bolman

Aurelius assists in the formulation of strategy to deliver sustainable value:

Strategic framework identification

Strategic planning development

Effective stakeholder engagement

Simplifying complex concepts for improved understanding

Monitoring and adapting strategic priorities

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – Peter Drucker

Aurelius assists in the development of people, culture and leadership capabilities to enable successful strategy execution  

Mind focussed performance coaching

Personal and professional development

Culture assessment and development

Leadership training and development



From our first conversation I could tell Pete cares deeply about others, is a great listener and was going to be on my side. In a short space of time Pete has proven to be an insightful, empathic and trustworthy coach. I know I can go to Pete with any challenge or idea and that he will help me see the situation from varying perspectives, providing greater clarity. I love how Pete balances positivity with reality and really makes an effort to understand what drives me. Already Pete’s advice and support has created new opportunities and pathways for our business.

Darius Turner

Managing Director – Captivate Conferences

Pete’s empathetic and service-based leadership approach is unique – I have been fortunate enough to experience his coaching as both a mentee and through various leadership programs that he has created and run. His mentorship has played a major part in my own personal and professional development.

Chris Boyle

Finance & Mortgage Broker – Fundamental Business Finance

Soundboard, Contrarian Supporter. They would be the three words I would describe my coaching experiences with Pete and Aurelius. Although not having first-hand experience of life inside the Veterinary profession, his understanding of the challenges of high paced stressful environments, the effects of chronic stressors and guidance through strategic direction decisions yielded results professionally and personally immediately. 

Dr Tim Gole

Head Veterinarian / Principal – For Flocks Sake

Pete, through Aurelius, has not only proven to be one of the best in the research and strategy space, but he has also had a profound impact on my business and personal life through providing mindset coaching. Peter’s genuine nature and desire to help others is why so many business and people choose to work with Aurelius on both a personal and professional level.

Alex Minter

Director – Astute Property Network

Bennett and Bennett Group engaged Pete to prepare a forecast report around the future property, economic and development outlook for South East Queensland. This work helped guide the future strategic direction of our business and take advantage of opportunities Pete identified. We recommend any company who needs quality data or analysis to assist with their business decisions, to seriously consider contacting Pete.

Mark Billsborough

Managing Director – Bennett and Bennett

Four years into my business, I felt it was the right time for me to take things to the next level. I therefore engaged Pete, through Aurelius, to help coach me through this next phase.

Through this process, we identified there were strong synergies and opportunities where we could partner and leverage both businesses strengths to provide my customers with a strong research / strategy led marketing offering.

Pete’s calm and strategic perspective has not only helped me immensely with my personal and professional development; it has also strengthened my business offering.

Susan Duffy

Director – Channel Marketing Group

Pete and I built an instant rapport thanks to his very open and relaxed style. Pete is working individually with three of our leaders and providing presentations to our wider leadership group. The enthusiasm of the people being coached was instantly positive, which relived any apprehension I had about investing in something like coaching. The results of their coaching is evident in the way they are thinking about leadership and approaching challenges. Pete is the epitome of an honest, non-judgmental, highly developed and practical coach anyone would hope to work with.

Dane Huitfeldt

Managing Director – PopMega Hospitality Group 



Aurelius is passionate about supporting community initiatives including breaking down the stigma associated with mental illness, evolving the conversation around suicide and providing shelter for the disadvantaged.



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