Praise for Stepping Out The Other Side – finding purpose through adversity

Bell masterfully explores nuanced subjects of childhood trauma, subconscious urges, complex familial love, and the underlying motivators of obsessive-compulsive disorder with honesty and delicacy.

He boldly lays his life and mind bare, writing down his inspiring story in an effort to promote healthy reactions and resolutions to the unpredictable realm of mental illness, for a stirring account of resilience and responsibility.

For anyone who has had their life shaken, disrupted, or brought to the furthest edges by mental illness, this empathically penned book could be a balm, or even a life-saver.

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It is very refreshing to read Pete Bell’s inspirational story.

Stepping out the Other Side – finding purpose through adversity describes the value of expert clinical care which, combined with his own personal coping strength, invaluable family support and a strong philosophical base, enabled him to win his battle against mental illness. 

It confirms that “resilience” is not a protector from mental illness, indeed most people who have to fight mental illness display more resilience in doing so than the average person ever does. Pete is a wonderful example of and role model for this.

I believe Pete’s story gives a voice to the wide mainstream of people in Australia who experience mental ill-health and mental illness

Professor Patrick McGorry AO

Praise for Subtle Steps on the Other Side – dichotomous deliberations

“Anyone who has had the pleasure of listening to Pete speak about markets will be excited to hear that Subtle Steps on the Other Side provides an insight into non-linear thinking, the predictability of the un-predictable, complex vs complicated and how to process information free from existing biases; all elements he often discusses when forming positions around market risks and opportunities”.

“Pete Bell has shown again his innate ability to articulate and converse modern life’s complex questions into layman’s terms and bring the wisdom of the ancient philosophers and ground-breaking scientists into the digital age in a raw and unfiltered lens”.

“I enjoyed it immensely and in this uncertain world, one thing is certain, soon Peter will be writing books without quoting others, because others will be quoting him”.

Peter Bell's book "Subtle Steps on the Other Side"

Subtle Steps on the Other Side